Those who create things desire to stop the time from further lapse


We don’t know whether the world literally exists or not; we’re only certain of the existence of our own consciousness.

Contemporary visual arts are both open and creative in some way. That makes sure this art and other different arts can learn and drew nutrition from each other. In the new age, with the emergence of high technology, many new techniques are applied to artistic expression, and there is an increasing importance in artistic creativity during the development of contemporary visual arts. Art has emerged to make our life more colorful. Contemporary artists have fully used their creativity and imagination to create a dynamic world for us.

Contemporary visual arts design is a form of design that relies on visual pictures or images as the main language. In the consumer business culture of this modern society, all sorts of visual pleasure are invading our daily social life. Fast consumption and maximum commercialization have become the most fundament pursuit among these businessmen. Under this condition, the self-rationality of visual arts design has more given way to the perceptual pursuit and expression from design representation. With the continuous advancement of modern digital and image information technologies, the design behavior of visual arts and visual symbolization, by relying on these advanced technologies, has developed and promoted the emergence of a simulated world that is getting closer and closer to the real world, eliminating the gap between reality and virtuality.

If we aim to understand and comprehend through our own eyes the information and meaning conveyed by visual arts, we must be able to recognize and feel the visual image language to some extent. We have reason to believe that a person who has expertise in the language of visual arts and another who doesn’t know this language at all will see a completely different result and feel differently when they view the same artwork. That’s to convert the abstractness of art into meditation of life and build a pair of wings for art development. Contemporary visual artists are creative enough to work with greater freedom than other artists of all times, and they unveiled the true meaning of visual arts.
























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