Visual arts are not merely the existence of purely aesthetic meaning


Art can exist as a part in every profession and in every form, and the nature world is the most proficient artist.

In this social environment, how to better embody and develop our traditional cultural and artistic values and intrinsic value characteristics in the design work of visual arts in the pursuit of commercial consumer interest and visual pleasure impact has proved the greatest contradiction and problem in the development of contemporary visual arts design. If contemporary visual arts design needs to reveal the intrinsic in-depth aesthetic value of visual arts design and develop the guiding function of the trend of social mainstream thinking, it must ponder on the problems existing in social consciousness and design behavior in the consumer business culture of this modern society.

Popularity and market recognition don’t come automatically with the highly tasteful visual artworks. When a piece of work is not impressive enough, some may consider it’s safer to make it more adapted to the mass than too rare to be understood. In the whole visual arts field, the category of works is relatively unitary. Many creators have grown up watching the works of world history. That’s why a great number of visual artworks are on the downside. Those creators with unique thoughts need to cater to a small portion of people. It’s more of a big gamble than contribution of some of your own unalterable standards. It’s also about fundamental things, better to alter yourself than to alter all objective factors.













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